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She stole my heart!

Posted by Mohammed Shahin on June 16, 2010 at 5:05 AM Comments comments (6)

I saw her again, for the second time, on the seventh of June. The last time I had seen her, she was temptingly curvaceous. But now all those curves seemed to have melted away. Global warming, perhaps? She seemed like she was an entirely different chick altogether. Nevertheless, she was still a chick. Only one word could be used to describe her attire - flashy. But i feel that would still only be a rude understatement. Because the intensity of her killing looks was such that I had started drooling rather shamelessly, unaware of anything and everything that was going around me. And she had slimmed incredibly and had attained the much desired and the almost impossible size-zero figure perfectly.

John Keats might have felt that ‘A thing of beauty of is a Joy forever’. True it might be, but what if that the thing of beauty that you desire remains well beyond your reach forever. That agony only multiplies, if everyone around you are very intent in getting her and are almost sure of getting to experience her before you do. Will my dream of living with her be more realistic than my chance of getting married to my favorite hot celebrity (And that happens to be Emma Watson , if I haven’t already told you)? Will I finally get my girl before my friends try to get their hands on her?

Okay, before you people start making some wild guesses about who that lucky girl might be and to prevent any of you from accusing me of using not-so-cool  double entendres, I have to let you know that whether I would get to live with her or not, depends all on my exam results. Of course those who know me better would have guessed her already. Her beauty could be divine and matchless, and I must admit that I have obviously lost my heart to this hottie - the chick named iPhone 4.

ps - apple haters, please stay away for christ's sake!

To panic or not to panic.

Posted by Mohammed Shahin on May 24, 2010 at 5:46 AM Comments comments (4)

They say that teenage is the most confusing period of life. Dudes you've missed out something even more friggin complicated. Ever heard of S.T.U.D.Y H.O.L.S? Those four long weeks can make you go mad, no really. It's an extremely tricky phase. The end of classes, practicals and their accompanying recordwork would make any normal soul of  a student to go  'BOOYAH'! You enter the  study hols phase on a  high. You get yourself convinced that you will study ultrasincerely after a few days of enjoyment initially, thinking that it wouldn't affect your ascent to academic glory. As planned, enjoyment happens. And only enjoyment happens, which is also not complete, thanks to those occasional pangs of guilt. You get stuck between your textbook n facebook, notes n tweets. You would be spending more time with texting rather than  your textbooks. When the final week arrives,  you finally hit the PANIC button. The final week passes rather gloomily filled with your regrets for the time wasted earlier and at the end, your amount of preparation would be ---> Zero. Zilch. Nada. Eerily, even the exam time would start to look more appealing, at the end of the study hols. And that's why,


In other news, it's the towel day today

So long and thanks for all the  fish, Doug!

Useless trivia - This is my first  blog post coming outta something other than ma Mac.

Veni Vidi Vishy

Posted by Mohammed Shahin on May 19, 2010 at 12:41 PM Comments comments (2)

Dear cricket-crazy fellow Indians,

I think it's about time that we stop followig cricket so madly and start giving other sports and sportsmen the due attention that they deserve. Many articles have been written about this. But I can't stand this anymore. The exit of India from the T20 World Cup and the crowning of a champ for the fourth time took place at the same time. But still, more coverage was given for India's loss rather than giving the due words of appreciation to this man - arguably, India's greatest sportsman. Yup, your guess is right! I'm talking about the Chess wizard Vishwanathan Anand. He's been at the pinnacle of the sport for more than a decade. His achievements may come second only to the great Sachin Tendulkar. His victory in the 2010 World Championship was no piece of cake. The cancellation of flight services due to the volcanic eruption meant he had to travel by car for 40 hours through five countries. Inspite of this, he was given only one day of rest before the intense match. As if this wasn't enough to destabilise him, he faced defeat in the very first game against Topalov. In a match of such significance and intensity, defeat in the very first game could prove to be fatal on a demoralising note. But Anand, given his passion for the game, doesn't give up easily, and he went on to win the second and fourth games. That was an incredible turnaround after the first game defeat. Topalov proved himself to be a worthy contender, winning the eighth game and it all boiled down to the last game, with the both of them tallying equal points. This game too seemed to be headed for a draw. If the game was drawn, tiebreakers in the format of rapid games would be held to decide the winner.  Topalov, knowing that rapid-game was Anand's forte, didn't want the game to end in a draw. He pressed too hard for victory, he committed a lot of errors and eventually resigned. Anand had won with black pieces, which was a commendable feat in itself.
He has brought laurels to the country on numerous occasions and truly, he is the pride of India. Despite all these achievements, there seems to be more fan-following for unworthy pinchitters in crickets. Oh c'mon people, forget royal treatment, this King is not even acknowledged the rightful respect that he commands. It's not that am against cricket, but we should be treating other great sportsmen who continue to top their own fields on an equal status. This can be the only way that we can atleast think of improving our medals' tally in the Olympics.
Having said that, 
O King Anand, take a bow, Your Highness, take a bow!

One night at CMBT.

Posted by Mohammed Shahin on May 17, 2010 at 8:14 AM Comments comments (2)

The moment he told me that we were going for the 7'o clock show, i knew that the night was gonna be crazy. It was the end of second semester, and so Prakash had booked tickets, for the 15 of us, for Irumbukottai Murattusingam. Strangely, whenever i read the film's name, innocent mind of mine translates it to 'iron testicles'. Hoping to reach soon, we started from hostel at 4.30. But i guess, it's been destined that we have to experience the will-we-make-it-on-time thrill everytime. Not that I am blaming, coz it's the fun part actually. And voila, we made it just on time! The cowboy themed film didn't dissappoint us, it moved at a breezy pace and above all it was very funny, seriously (pardon the pun). 

It was 10 and we hostellers, 6 of us, were in a dilemna. The last bus to college was at 10.30. We were hungry like a pack of starved theru-naais. If we had dinner, we would be missing our last bus to college, which was about an hour from the city. On the otherhand if we took the bus, we would have had to skip our dinner ( and the craziness that was going to unwrap) .  We had no choice. So without wasting any further time, we rushed into a nearby hotel and helped ourself to a plate of chicken biriyani. And it was eleven when we reached Saidapet. I was a bit amused to see my friends still hoping to get a bus. I had always fancied hitchiking, for no apparent reason. Maybe it was the Douglas Adams' effect. Given the distance of our college, that too was a lost cause. One of my mates suggested taking rooms in lodges nearby. Having seen a lot of tamil films, I was a bit apprehensive about this 'lodge' plan. And there was this police uncle too, patrolling the area. I didn't like the look of his moustache-covered mug. Finally, it dawned upon us that, the hostel was to be reached only in the morning. All part of our destiny, I say. 

Prakash had reached home and he had msgd all of us

"Reached home. Thx for coming guys, msg after reaching hostel."


Our thalaivar Douglas Adams enna solraarna “I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but almost always end up where I need to be.” Cramming ourself in an auto, we ended up in the Asia's largest bus terminal -  the CMBT. 5 hours left for the first bus in the morning to college. There were about 200 persons sleeping on the floor of the spacious waiting hall. Sorry, make it 205. Yeah that five were my friends. I  wuda slept there. But i was wearing this brand new kurta that Mukund had just got me from Hong Kong :cool: The super-strategically placed fans did nothing in preventing me from getting drenched by sweat. Sadly, i didn't possess superstar's superpower of sweating gold (this secret was leaked in the song 'singa nada pottu' from Padayappa)  . Controlling my urge to strip myself to beat the heat, I started missing my sweet but not-so-tidy room very badly. Regular pegs of Appy fizz and mobile net kept me going throughout the night. After what seemed like ages, it finally dawned and we got an AC bus to college! After two hours of sound sleep n a peaceful ride, we reached college.And  The first thing we did was msg Prakash - 

Reached hostel. thx for calling us. spent the whole night at CMBT.


For those of you who haven't even heard abt tamil ,

theru naais - street dogs

punnaakku - oil cake( well it's used as a mild swear word in tamil) 

thalaivar - boss

enna solraarna - what he's saying is

Dhoni, you beauty!

Posted by Mohammed Shahin on April 23, 2010 at 12:19 PM Comments comments (4)

note- this post shuda been up much earlier but due to some ulnaattu sathi, it had to wait.

44 runs required from a mere 18 balls. One out of a million times, the team chasing would have lost, mainly under pressure, that too being at a knockout kinda stage like this. And that was the precaurios position that the men in yellow had got themselves into, yesterday. Still there were a lot of people watching the match, hoping for a miracle. But me - the studious myself, rather chose not to follow the match and resumed preparing for his chemistry test. The supporter in me had lost half of the hope for CSK after the end of the Punjabi innings yielding a mammoth 192, and the other half got buried after Raina's dismissal.  But, somewhere, deep inside my heart, a little nappaasai glimmered not very strongly, but still steadily. So, with my Engineering Chemistry - Jain & Jain book in one hand and my cuddly Macbook in the other, i followed the match on Cricinfo i started turning the pages of the very interesting lesson of Fuels. Bah!

I had not skimmed even a single page completely. I gave the Refresh button a dull click. It started loading and it seemed like ages, and it still was loading. Sighing, I tried to focus back on Compressed Natural Gas. I almost started reading, but the page had completed loading. And the status - 29 required from 12. Highly possible, but equally difficult. A wicket or even a couple of dot balls could well cost the match. Only two overs to go. So convincing myself that it wouldn't hurt if i didn't read for those 10min or so, i closed the book with a nervous thud, and almost sunk into the monitor. Six balls, two boundaries and a dropped catch later, it was down to 16 from 6! With a pumped up Dhoni at crease, the weak but steady glimmer of hope inside my heart had only got stronger. And then, everything happened rather quickly. The scorecard incredibly read

4 2 6 6

 Dhoni had steered CSK to the semis, with a brutal knock under a Prestige pressure cooker situation! Those two sixes were HUGE! Every part of me blasted with bomblets of  raw joy, that took me to an alltime high. The last time i had felt thus was on Feb 24 2010.The hostel got torn down by shouts of victory and relief and everyone had got hyper! My facebook homepage was filled with proposals to Dhoni, even from boys :-D

ps- Later that night, i cursed myself for about 195 times for having missed watching the match and that i didn't write the chemistry test the next day is another story.

Hey! Where is my summer vacation??

Posted by Mohammed Shahin on April 11, 2010 at 5:44 AM Comments comments (0)

Summer is the period of the year when you get to experience annoying powercuts and cruelly high temperatures. But its the season of Mangoes, Melons and Movies intéressant as well! The first thing which comes to our mind when we think of Summer is the end of exams. Whatte feeling it is! Its that time of the year when all schoolchildren are let loose (ofcourse except the doomed souls facing the board exams the next year, who will be having special torture coaching sessions). During schooldays, every second of sleep in the morning seemed to me to be more costly than any IPL team. Quite ironically, i used to wake up early during the vacation, when there was actually no need to. 

Oh boy, i badly miss those days of endless cricket that i used to play with my crazy lot and i have rather got tired of this highly inane IPeeL and its shitty citi moments of success and DUFF DLF maximums. And there is this friggin blimp which gets more focus than the pitch. What we want to see is cricket you dumbass modi and not those fuktard ads!

And those countless summer releases that i had seen. Not that i can't watch any movies now, but that was all i did then.

You get to enjoy freedom in college more than what you could have possibly imagined at school. You get everything. But not the two-month long vacation. All i am doing now is writing tests on Calculus, Semiconductors et al. Bah!

Okay, I can still survive this summer with an interesting lineup of sequels slated for release and frequent visits to Creamy Inn :-)

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it!

Russell Baker

So far, so sour.

Posted by Mohammed Shahin on March 28, 2010 at 1:59 AM Comments comments (2)

IPL is back. Bigger, more colorful and costlier. And ofcourse with more ads. Ads have been crammed in every possible space, with the commentary serving as nothing but the continuation of the ads during the breaks or the breaks between which the cricket is played  . $Lalit$Modi$ has once again made us wonder whether there was really a recession, with the addition of Kochi and Pune, whose worth is more than the combined value of the other eight teams!

But CSK’s plight has gotten only worse. CSK has become synonymous to the team which dominates the match for the most part but still ends up clutching defeat from the jaws of victory .Starting on a losing note can be pretty discouraging, with the charged up Deccan Chargers proving themselves too hot to handle. But Chennai managed to win their second match versus the Knight Riders, thanks to their captain Dhoni’s knock. With this victory came the cruel blow. Dhoni was injured and was advised rest for atleast ten days. So everyone expected their next game to be the litmus test, not ony because of Dhoni’s absence but also because it was the Mighty Delhi Daredevils that they were facing. In his absence, Suresh Raina took up the helm and Delhi was also without its regular captain Gambhir. It was led by an equally young Dinesh Karthik. Batting first, Delhi posted an imposing 180+ score. But the most awaited inauguration of a new breed of bat turned the tide in Chennai’s favour. Hayden unleashed the Monster Mongoose. The ground seemed to have gotten smaller. The willow-wielder became gawdlike. Panic was writ large and clear on the bowlers’ faces. The ball flew to every corner of the stadium. Suitably aided by the stand-in captain, the chase seemed impossibly easy. Chennai ascended the points table. For the last time. With the mighty Delhi put to mat, they were expected to easily continue their winning streak. Sadly, that was when the downfall started. Chasing Punjab’s meagre 137 should have been a piece of cake. But the Chennai batsmen started messing it up and the match went down to the last ball. Until this match, i was proud of the fact that R.Ashwin is an alumni of my college. Requiring one run for victory from the last two balls, he failed to disturb the scorecard and got out at the last ball. Scores level. Super Over. A lone sixer and fall of two wickets summed up Chennai’s score. Yuvraj Gunda Singh won the Super Over battle and  helped open Kings XI’s account.

If it was Ashwin messing up in this match, it was George Bailey who cost CSK the match against RCB. Maybe he was trying to prove his potential as a Test player, so that he would be picked up in NZ’s test squad. And Hayden’s Mongoose contributed to his run out. Damn! By now Chennai started missing their most influential player very badly. Dhoni’s absence was felt very much.The middle order looked very weak and shallow. His return was slated for the clash against the Mumbai Indians who were riding high on Sachin’s divine form. Hayden fell after dispatching Zaheer to the boundary for four times in an over. Raina and Badrinath teamed up to take Chennai to a reasonably good 180! But sometimes life isn’t fair. You pitch Sachin against a pack of hopeless bowlers minus Muralitharan and how could you expect to win? Call it blasphemy, for the fifth time in my life, i prayed for the fall of the 200man’s wicket (the previous occasions also being CSK vs MI games) He fell, but it was too late. The damage had already been done. Needless to say, yet another defeat for Chennai. Only then did I realise the plight of people of other countries, when Sachin demolishes their bowling attack!

With eight games remaining, Chennai has to buckle up and quickly at that. Excluding the brutal assault of Delhi, Hayden hasn’t fired in the rest of the matches. We can only hope that the Mongoose has only slipped into the hibernation mode. The bowlers are very low in confidence. It was very evident in the number of fulltosses bowled in the last match. They need to remember soon that there is a pitch on which they should land the ball. If the Chennai  Sappa Super Kings don’t live up to their royalty, in all probability, my loyalty will switch over to Sachin and co, joining my friends who are already supporting the Godteam. Till then, ella whistle-um namma Chennaikey!

A Lovely February, it was...

Posted by Mohammed Shahin on March 1, 2010 at 7:01 AM Comments comments (0)

For those who were wondering if I was alive or not - Yes I am. Very much.

So  wonder what really kept me from blogging?

Firstly, it was a hectic month. And quite exciting too.

Secondly, my brain cells shouldn't be blamed for preferring to relax after being mindlessly thrashed for a month. And if you have read my previous posts, you could have easily realised that  my lazy ass (lazy brain  would be more apt considering the context) was too lazy to blog.

So it was a Lovely February, as the title says, but that doesn't imply that I enjoyed a  very special V-day.

The month started off on an exciting note with the Entrepreneurship week celebrations - the Vibhav.  It  was a week full of fun-filled events, entrepreneurial workshops and discussions. Vu ja de - the signature event proved to be the most exciting of them. It is not every other day, that a city-wide treasure hunt takes place in Chennai. So Prakash and I were all geared to win.  The race kick-started at a picturesque Bessy Beach at 7.30 in the morning. With each clue, the hunt for treasure only got harder. After traversing a hard 100km (though it could have been less, if we had not messed up with one of the clues, ending up in a wrong place, darn! ) we finished the hunt 8 hours later. It ended where it all started, thus completing a full cycle. Though we did not win, we enjoyed to the fullest and i felt like being involved in a DanBrown-ish plot!

The week long celebrations called for skipping classes, which i had to sadly oblige. 

(No, dont hit me,  intha bit konjam overa than irukku)

And the next week i was down with fever.  People started shooting random questions "what, love fever ah?", "Enna, kadhal virus thakkirucha?" ( What, attacked by Love virus ah?) with sly grins on their face. More than the virus, it was their mokkais which made me more sick.

Just when life seemed very merry without YOU-KNOW-WHAT (ye ye I'm talking about the exams..eww) BOOOM came the results unannounced! My heart started doing the craziest of back-bultis, I cleared all but to be frank i was disappointed. Atleast a bit. Hoping to do well next time. With Facebook now blocked in my college, chances are higher than ever for that to happen.

Feb 26 - The day thousands of moviebuffs and Rahmaniacs were eagerly looking forward to arrived FINALLY! Yesh, I am talking about the much-hyped release of Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya ( Will you cross the skies for me?). We had booked tickets for the 8.30 show . It was a 90min travel to the theater from the hostel. So we had to wake up as early as 5 ( yes seriously, just for a movie!). Not wanting to miss even a second of the movie, we skipped breakfast ( yes seriously, again just for a movie!) , we started at 6.30. After  the terrible sleepy 90 min travel, we got to experience 3 hours of pure awe and complete satisfaction watching a movie, after a very LOOONG time. WOW! Whatte muvee! It was a typical Gautham movie so stylish, with incredible music from ARR, an incredibly beauutiful Trisha and an incredibly underplayed Simbu. Truly a magical treat!

It would be a crime if i end this blog  about this month without even mentioning  the summit ( 200 runs high) scaling-feat achieved by the King of Batting! I must admit that i expected that this record would be first broken by the explosive Sehwag,  but it is truly fitting that the Little Master became the first person to shatter the 200 run barrier in ODIs.

As one fan put it,

"If Cricket was a religion, undoubtedly Sachin would be the God!"

Why you shouldn't neva text the guy in the next room...

Posted by Mohammed Shahin on February 6, 2010 at 7:13 AM Comments comments (2)

Caution : Murderous mokkai ahead! Lighthearted, plz stay away!


I had never felt so sleepless on a saturday morning.Seriosuly, thats one day my bed refuses to let me go till noon. So it was quite shocking, when i checked my mobile and the time was just 08:19! Suddenly, i started hearing wild groans. I looked around for signs of life but wait i was alone in my room. That was when i realized it was my tummy rumbling like hell and that explained why i had got up early! I was so hungry that i would have eaten myself but what was the use of eating myself when there won't be any of me remaining to savour the sweet taste of me. And so i decided to control my hunger a bit and took my mobile to text Mr.D so that we could go for breakfast together.


And the sms convo went like

Me : Dei loosu, we will go eat

Mr.D  : thookkam coming...

Me : But pasichufying

Mr.D : It wd hav gali aaify da machan

Me : Im goin to kick ur butt now

Mr.D : Glad to get that

Me : Dei!

Mr.D : We ll go to canteen

Me : Sori (read as sari)

Mr.D : neeyum  sori

I wait n wait n wait and he never turns up. and  bultis inside my stomach stop gradually ( appada!)


*BURRRRRRRR* - my tummy starts roaring yet again.

me :dei loosu

Mr.D : Gd morn..what plucking?

me :i am hungry!!

Mr.D : I am Mr.D da

me : :-|

Mr.D : :-|

me : we are not skipping lunch too

Mr.D : Same pinch

me : Moron!!

Mr.D : glad u too

me : its time for lunch da!


(and the death-knell)

Mr.D : its mobile da idiot

Me : -.- 

No more hunger, no more life left in me.

Lets make the roar stronger!

Posted by Mohammed Shahin on February 5, 2010 at 10:46 PM Comments comments (0)

Tired of hearing the 'Save the Endangered Tigers' call?

I think we all are.

Its been about 40 years since the declaration of tiger as our national animal. Since then the tiger population has drastically reduced and we are left with just 1411! Isn't it shocking that only a fraction is left? Mindless hunting for the fun (?!) of it and with their habitats rapidly vanishing, its no surprise that they are on the brink of extinction. Shouldn't we be protecting them, our national pride?

Its about time that we helped the roar grow stronger and heard everywhere!


Tweet, tweet!

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